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People who benefit from the end results of a project on a day-to-day basis are called _______ _______
My boss has _______ very high targets this year.
Someone who works all the time is a _______
She _______ on _______ with everyone - they all like her
Someone who does things their own way and is difficult to control is a _______
Slow down ! _______ it _______.
Once we _______ the next milestone everything will get easier.
Someone who imposes their personality on others in a bad way is a _______
If you work too much and it has a negative effect on your health you may _______ _______
first letteranswers
Sorry I _______ the deadline.
I promised I'd do it and I don't want to _______ him _______
When you start a new job people often ask how you are _______ _______
Why can't you _______ to your budget ?
It will be difficult to _______ the deadline as it is so close.
A successful team needs to _______ _______ and co-operate
If we _______ a timeframe for this, we will be able to organise things better.
He isn't helping the team at all - he doesn't _______ his _______.
If you delegate you may be accused of _______ the _______

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