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Hook like boney process of the shoulder blade that protrudes from the superior anterior portion
Muscle on the side of the neck that elevates the shoulder blade
Back Muscle divides into 3 parts, Upper(upward rotator), Middle(retractor) and Lower(upward rotator, depressor)
Fibrocartilage ring in the shoulder
Ball portion of the ball and socket joint of the shoulder
Joint that serves as the base upon which the shoulder complex functions
Posterior bone known as the shoulder blade
Ball and socket joint of the shoulder
Arm bone that extends from the shoulder joint
Medial edge of the shoulder blade
Joint located superior to the shoulder
Rotator cuff muscle (sIts)
Anterior muscle on the chest that is involved in shoulder flexion and shoulder external rotation
Boney process of the shoulder blade that attaches to the collar bone
Bone plate of the shoulder blade that runs medial to lateral on the top portion
Rotator cuff muscle (Sits)
Boney protrusion from the arm bone that is superior and lateral
Muscles that run from the spine to the shoulder blade . A downward rotator, retractor and elevator
Muscle that forms the round contour of the shoulder
A muscle that runs from the ribs to the medial border of the shoulder blade
The bone in the center of your chest, AKA the breast bone
Rotator cuff muscle (siTs)
Joint between the breast bone and collar bone
Muscle that runs from the shoulder blade to the humerus. Used for shoulder adduction and shoulder extension
Large flat back muscle inferior to the shoulder blade. The Lady between two majors. A Depressor
Area between the two arm bone protrusions
Boney protrusion from the arm bone that is anterior and medial
Rotator cuff muscle (sitS)
Runs from the breast bone to the shoulder. The collar bone

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