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Can you name the answers needed to pass the British Citizenship Test?

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Who is the head of state of the United Kingdom?
When is a by-election held?
What is the governing body of the EU called?
For how long is census information kept secret before being released?
What is a quango?
What is the maximum number of hours a child aged 13-16 can work during a school week?
What is the official report of the proceedings of Parliament called?
What is the speed limit for cars and motorcycles on a single carriageway? (mph)
What is the largest ethnic minority in the UK?
In which two cities does the European Parliament meet?
Which language, other than English, is widely spoken in Scotland?
Which three sports are the most widely followed in the UK?
On which day is Boxing Day celebrated?
Which type of schools provide free education to any child from the local area?
Which document, signed in 1215 by King John, gave power to the Barons and led to the formation of parliament?
Apart from 999, which other number can be dialled to contact the emergency services?
What do the initials MP stand for?
Who is the patron saint of England?
Which flower is worn on Remembrance Day in memory of those who died in war?
Roughly what percentage of British people regularly attend religious services?
Which film rating certificate indicates that children under 12 must be accompanied by an adult?
To the nearest million what is the UK's current population?
At what age is it legal to drink alcohol in a pub?
What is the minimum wage per hour for adults over the age of 22?

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