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Can you name the movies/books from the major differences in the plot between the book and the movie?

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The humans escape in a spaceship and return back to EarthIt was Earth all along!
The main character realises that he was at fault for spending his life killing the vampire zombies, who had retained much their humanityThe main character kills even more of the vampire zombies (and himself) with a hand grenade
The evil wizard enslaves the inhabitants of the hero's homeland.There is a big confrontation upon the hero's return.The evil wizard dies off screen. The hero returns home without incident.
The shark dies of exhaustionThe shark is killed by a pressurised scuba tank
The title character wins the confectioner's competition and is immediately rewarded with his prize.The main character is accused of stealing fizzy drinks from the confectioner and doesn't recieve his prize until clearing his reputation
The killer burns to death in a fire caused by a defective boilerThe killer freezes to death in a maze
The main character wins after the host tells him the correct answer in exchange for not being murdered. He gets murdered anyway after the show.The main character randomly guesses the correct answer and then everybody dances for about five minutes
One of the girls dies in a car crash. Her organs are used to save the other girl who was dying of cancer.There is no car crash. The girl dies of cancer.
The two main characters are in a lesbian relationshipThe two main characters are just best friends
The main character is transported to a magical land by a hurricaneThe main character has a dream about a magical land after being temporarily knocked out by a hurricane

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