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How many letters are in the English alphabet?ABCDEFG....
Who was our second president?Ok president, Alien and Sedition Acts hurt legacy
The government consists of how many different branches?I shouldn't have to explain
Who is the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom (2011)?Americans should know other world leaders
Is the American economy solely based on capitalism?Medicare, Medicaid, etc
Where was the nation's first capital?First Continental Congress was held there
Which was the first manned aircraft to land on the moon?Not Apollo 13
Who was the first person to sign the Declaration of Independence?Large signature
First woman Supreme Court Justice?Appointed in 1981
In what year did Chris Columbus sail the Atlantic Ocean?In (blank) he sailed the ocean blue
Where was the first SUCCESSFUL English settlement in what is now the U.S.Roanoke Island was the first, but everyone died
Who shot JFK?It was aliens most likely

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