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Can you name the answers to these questions about the movie Field of Dreams?

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Forced Order
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Where is the movie set?
Name the main character.
Who played the main character?
Name the main character's wife.
Who played the main character's wife?
Name the main character's daughter.
Who played the main character's daughter?
What is the first thing the voice says to the main character?
What Jimmy Stewart movie is on the TV while the daughter eats breakfast and the main character and his wife discuss whether to build the field?
What Patsy Cline song is playing at the farm supply store when the main character asks if other farmers have heard voices in the fields?
What baseball player is the first to arrive on the field?
Who played that player?
What is the second thing the voice says to the main character?
Name the character that the main character's wife challenges to a fight at the school board meeting about banning books.
Name the author the main character visits at the author's apartment?
Who played that author?
What author refused to allow the filmmakers to use his name for the character of the author?
What Allman Brothers song plays as the main character drives to meet the author?
What does the main character threaten the author with?
Where does the main character take the author to see a game?
What does the voice say at the game?
Where do the main character and the author go to follow the voice's instruction from the game?
What Doobie Brothers song plays as they drive to that place?
Name the doctor the main character finds there.
Who plays that doctor?
What hitchhiker do the main character and author pick up?
Who plays the hitchhiker?
What book, written by the author, does the main character say caused him to refuse to play catch with his father?
What ballplayer asked to play on the field, but was told to 'stick it' because none of the other players could stand him when he was alive?
What is the result of the hitchhiker's only plate appearance shown in the film?
Name the main character's brother-in-law who argues with the main character about whether he will sell the farm.
Who plays that brother-in-law?
How much does the author suggest that people will pay to visit the field?
Who is the catcher who speaks the last line of the movie?
Who played that catcher?
What book is the movie based on?
Who wrote the book the movie is based on?
In what town can you find the field used to shoot the movie, still maintained and open to the public today?
Who directed the film?
Who composed the film's score?
Who is credited as playing 'the Voice' in the film's credits?
How many Oscars was the movie nominated for?

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