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Forced OrderMinefield
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Hense all the spitting
I for one don't recall seeing Potter at dinner
No idea
Ok Y-A-A-M-O-O-L
Pretty Woman
My wife's young cousin has a music box at her bedside that plays exactly that tune
Both hands, stroke
Yes of course she does
Loss of limb will not excuse you
Anyone who isn't dead or from another reign of existence would do well to cover their ears
But first I think a shave
What are you gaping at
You give me the code
And Scotland is all yours
Are you going to dip it in yogurt?
Even if it is against Slytherin
These boys have flouted the decree for the restriction of underage wizardry
Well Well, Lupin out for a little walk in the moonlight are we
The air is full of spices
Just like old times, this
Your father was a squang
I'm British and you're not
It will happen Saturday next at night fall
I've had some bad nights
Don't lie to me
I am a great man
A reproduction of course
No, more wine
I can make it up, right
Tell a person that your the Metatron and they stare at you blankly. Mention something out of a Charles in heston movie and suddenly everybody's a theology scholar
Yes, you ought, stupid girl
Stop a couple of angels from entering and thus negating all existence
The girl in the PJs don't ask so many questions just serve your purpose
This is a false trail
To Russia
Not to me
Lay your hands upon her
I'm glad your here
What comic book did that come out of
You dare use my own spells against me Potter
You can't have two A's in bang
Clearly fame isn't everything
My mother has not got a beard
Arrest them
Our new celebrity
Lonely, but funny he's got a great sense of humour
The last of it on Miss Chang
Don't tell me the name doesn't ring a bell
I think I was born on the wrong continent
Sweet Jesus do you have to use that whole can
What is it's motivation?
sentimental children forever whining about how bitterly unfair your lives have been
Don't you love me just a little
Yes, Miss Granger
She's jealous
Turn to page 394
Put it down Bella we mustn't touch what isn't ours
How about a tequilla
I'm an artist, I'll watch the woman
We'll be sending Potter to the Hospital Wing in a matchbox
Or you'll do what exactly hit me with that fish
Unless you wish to poison him which I assure you I would have the greatest sympathy if you did I cannot help you
You said you would keep her safe
no one can know
I think Miss Bell is lucky to be alive
Has it ever occurred to you that you ask to much that you take to much for granted. Has it ever crossed your brilliant mind that I don't want to do this anymore
Prophets in a manner of speaking
And lend me a more seductive tone

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