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What does Mrs. Weasley get mad at Mundungus for doing in the kitchen
What attacked Ron in The Department of Mysteries
People who work in the Department of Mysteries are known as what
What were the initals written on the prophecy about the Dark Lord and Harry Potter
Why didn't the centaurs attack Hagrid when he went into the forest to show Harry and Hermione Grawp
When Aunt Petunia says 'I heard that awful boy telling her about them.' To whom is she referring
What does Mundungus sell Fred and George infront of Harry, for their skiving snackboxes
Who was aunt Petunia's Howler from
Name all the characters who were in St. Mungo's at some point
Describe the wand movement for the spell Wingardium Leviosa
What gifts did Neville get from his Uncle Algie
What department at the Ministry of Magic did Broderick Bode used to work in
What do Fred and George set off in the corridor to cause a diversion do Harry could use Umbridge's fire and talk to Sirius
Who is questioning Harry at his hearing
Name all classes Harry has taken.
What did the boggart Mrs. Weasley tackles turn into
Which Hogwarts teachers are put on probation
Where did the Dursley's take Dudley after he was attacked by dementors
What makes potions class 10 times worse for Neville
What killed Broderick Bode
Who also could the prophecy have referred to
What is the name of the teashop Cho Chang takes Harry to while on their date in Hogsmeade
What is the first spell Harry teaches the members of the DA
Who replaced Sybill Trelawney as Divination Teacher
What was the title of the article Snape was reading when he tells Harry and Ron they have risked the exposure of their world
Ron's Patronus takes the form of a
How many times does Dumbledore tell Hermione to turn the Time-Turner
What is the sixth obstacle guarding the Philosopher's Stone
When Harry and his fellow colleagues are in the Hog's Head who is the witch in the veil
In the memory Harry sees which spells do James and Sirius use on Severus
What is Snape's worst memory
what numbers did Mr. Weasley dial in the telephonebox
What square on the chessboard doe Ron move so Harry could check the king
What attacked Ron in the Department of Mysteries
Which students are told they can never play Quidditch again
Who does Harry ask if Sirius would come back as a ghost
Which Death Eaters come to recieve the prophecy (last name)

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