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hint to guess the Harry Potter characterHarry Potter character names
in the deathly hallows part 2 this witch went to see if Harry was really dead
least loved by his mother who craved a daughter
the only one Voldemort ever feared
Voldemort's righthand woman
the first werewolf we meet
First seen in the second book, spends the rest of the series in St mungos
wrote a letter to Sirius thanking him
prefers to be known by her sir name only
worst defense against the dark arts teacher
the first person to see the snake attack Mr. Weasley (besides Mr. Weasley)
the only friend Harry has at the dursleys
a master legilimens and a very brave and loyal wizard
The only founder of hogwarts that Voldemort didn't make any of their belongings a horcrux
owner of the only shop in knockturn alley Harry ever set foot in
gives Harry a magazine to give to Sirius because it might interest him
hint to guess the Harry Potter characterHarry Potter character names
hates the students of Hogwarts
Head of the department of Magical games and sports
became the herbology teacher at hogwarts
gave Harry the two-way mirror
in the fifth book she sees her family members and Harry dead all the time
beat Harry in a quidditch match in the third book
killed Gideon and Fabian Prewett
the owner of the ring Voldemort made a horcrux
Quidditch commentator
Hogwarts librarian
deputy headmistress
received a howler from Dumbledore
wife of Harry
tries to stop Harry going back to Hogwarts
Nagini posses this dead witch's body
organized S.P.E.W

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