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Contest CategoryMoveExtra effects
CoolSharply raises random stat
N/AMakes the target move right after the user
CuteRandomly uses a move known by other Pokes in the party
CuteInfatuates the target if it is of opposite gender
ToughStrikes 2-5 times
CutePasses stat changes to another Poke in the party
CuteUser loses half of max HP and gets +6 attack
N/AUser passes its held item to the target
ToughUser endures attacks for 2 turns, then inflicts double the damage on the target
ToughSqueezes target for 4-5 turns
CutePrevents escaping
ToughMay paralyze target
SmartType is changed depending on environment
BeautyHarshly lowers Sp attack of those with opposite gender of the user
CuteSharply lowers target's Attack
N/ATarget's stat changes don't affect the damage
ToughStrikes 2-5 times
ToughMay lower target's Speed
BeautySignature move of Porygon family
BeautySignature move of Porygon family
CoolMimics the move used immediately before
CuteSteals target's item
CoolMay lower target's Defense
ToughMore powerful the more HP the target has left
CoolUsed on small trees
CuteRaises user's Defense
SmartPrevents target from using the move it last used for 4 turns
CoolMay confuse the target
SmartTarget is hit twice in a row
CoolUser's evasion +1
ToughStrikes 2-5 times
N/AUsing it consecutively raises damage
ToughInflicts damage
CuteTarget keeps using the move it last used for 3 turns
ToughCuts target's HP to equal user's HP (FEAR!)
ToughWill live any attack with at least 1 HP
N/AMakes target's ability the same as the user's
BeautyUser faints upon using this move
CoolPriority +2
CutePower is doubled when user is statused
CuteOnly works on the first turn; makes the target flinch
CoolLeaves target with 1 HP
BeautyHits a target using Protect/Detect
CuteMore powerful the less HP the user has
BeautyIlluminates caves
CoolRaises user's crit chance
CuteMakes all targets attack the user
SmartEnables Ghost types to be hit by Normal/Fighting moves
CuteMore powerful the less the user likes its trainer
CoolStrikes 2-5 times
ToughStrikes 2-5 times
BeautyRecharge time
ToughParalyzes target
CuteLowers target's Attack
BeautyRaises Attack and Sp Attack
Contest CategoryMoveExtra effects
CoolOHKO move
ToughRaises user's defense
ToughMay make the target flinch
BeautyHeals status problems of all the party Pokemon
SmartBoosts power of an ally's attack
SmartType and intensity depends on Pokemon using it
CoolInflicts damage
CoolOHKO move
CoolRaises user's attack
CoolRecharge time
CoolMay make target flinch
CoolInflicts damage
SmartSignature move of Arceus
CuteCan only be used after user has used all of its other moves
CoolLowers target's Defense
SmartEnsures that the next attack will hit
BeautyTarget falls asleep
CuteProtects team from crits
CuteUses target's intended move before the target uses it
BeautyPrevents escaping
CoolInflicts damage
ToughInflicts damage
CuteRandomly uses any move
CuteSignature move of Miltank
CuteCopies the target's last move
SmartEnsures that the next attack will hit
CuteSharply raises user's evasion
BeautyHeals user's HP depending on weather
BeautyHeals user's HP depending on weather
CoolType and power depends on user's Berry
BeautyVaries depending on environment
SmartEnables Ghost type to be hit with Normal/Fighting moves
SmartShares combined HP with the target
SmartSignature move of Meowth
BeautyAny Pokemon that hears it will faint in 3 turns unless it switches out
ToughInflicts damage
CuteSignature move of Delibird
CuteEnables user to evade all attacks
SmartCopies any stat changes made by the target
CoolPriority +1
CoolRaises base power each time the user is hit
CoolRemoves entry hazards
Cool2-turn attack
SmartRestores half of user's HP
SmartRecycles a held item
N/AUser becomes same type as the target
CuteUser cures itself of a status
N/ASignature move of Meloetta
N/ADamage increases if an ally fainted in the previous turn
CuteMore powerful the more the user likes its trainer
CoolTarget is scared off and is randomly replaced by another Pokemon in its party
CoolUsed to scale rocky walls
N/APower is increased the more party members know it
BeautyProtects user's party from status for 5 turns
ToughSharply lowers target's Speed
Contest CategoryMoveExtra effects
ToughInflicts damage
SmartSharply lowers target's Defense
SmartUsed to make secret bases
BeautyUser faints upon using this move
CuteRaises user's attack
N/A+2 Atk, +2 Sp Atk, +2 Spd, -1 Def, -1 Sp Def
N/AChanges target's ability to Simple
CutePuts target to sleep
SmartSignature move of Smeargle
Tough2-turn move
CuteRestores half of user's HP
ToughInflicts damage
CoolHigh chance of crit
CuteWhen asleep, user randomly selects one of its moves
SmartInflicts double damage on target w/ paralysis; removes paralysis
SmartLowers target's accuracy
CuteCan be used only if user is asleep; may make target flinch
BeautySignature move of Chansey/Blissey
CoolAlways inflicts 20 damage
CoolStrikes 2-5 times
ToughPower stored using Stockpile determines power of the move
ToughRaises Def and Sp Def
ToughMay make target flinch
ToughUsed to push heavy boulders
CoolUsed if the user has no more PP; recoil
SmartCuts 1/4 of user's HP to create a decoy of itself
ToughCuts target's HP in half
SmartConfuses target
CuteSharply raises target's Attack but also confuses it
ToughUsed to heal HP; determined by Stockpile
CuteConfuses target
CuteLowers target's evasion
CoolNever misses
BeautySharply raises user's attack
ToughInflicts damage
N/ASignature move of Minccino family
CuteLowers target's Defense
N/ASignature move of Genesect
CuteConfuses target
Tough2-3 turns; user then becomes confused
CuteLowers target's Attack and Defense
SmartSignature move of Ditto
BeautyMay burn, freeze, or paralyze the target
CoolThe fewer PP this move has, the greater the power
CuteAttacks for 3 turns
ToughInflicts damage
SmartVaries in power and type depending on weather
SmartTarget is scared off and is randomly replaced by another Pokemon in its party
CuteOne turn after it is used, target's HP is restored by half of user's HP
N/ARaises user's Atk and Sp Atk
ToughSqueezes target for 4-5 turns
SmartThe more HP the target has, the greater the power
CutePuts the target to sleep after 1 turn

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