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PhysicalSqueezes target 4-5 turns
SpecialPower increases if other Pokemon join
StatusMakes all targets attack user
StatusPrevents escaping
StatusCopies target's stat changes
StatusPokemon's type changes depending on environment
PhysicalRecharge time
SpecialRecharge time
PhysicalHits a target using Protect/Detect
StatusTarget's ATK -1, DEF -1
PhysicalInflicts double damage on paralyzed target; cures paralysis
PhysicalUser faints upon usage
PhysicalHits 2 times
PhysicalTarget's stat changes don't affect damage
StatusUser passes its held item to target
SpecialPower increases when used consecutively
PhysicalPower increases each time user is hit
PhysicalUsed on small trees
StatusPrevents escaping
PhysicalStrikes 2-5 times; 18 power
StatusTarget's DEF -1
PhysicalMay make target flinch
StatusTarget falls asleep
PhysicalLeaves target with 1 HP
PhysicalHits 2-5 times; 20 power
PhysicalRecoil; 120 power
StatusProtects party from status conditions for 5 turns
StatusIlluminates caves
StatusMimics move used immediately before
StatusForces target to switch out
PhysicalUsed to push heavy boulders
StatusTarget's DEF -1
PhysicalInflicts damage; 100 power
StatusPasses stat changes to another party Pokemon
StatusSignature move of Chansey and Blissey
PhysicalHits 2-5 times; 15 power
PhysicalDamages target 4-5 turns
PhysicalHits 2-5 times; 18 power
StatusRecycles held item
StatusUser's EVA +2
StatusAttack next turn is always critical hit
StatusEevee's signature Z-Move; Last Resort
StatusOnly the target is attacked for that turn
SpecialMay burn, freeze, or paralyze target
StatusPuts the target to sleep after 1 turn
StatusPuts target to sleep
StatusChanges target's Ability to Simple
SpecialType and power depends on Pokemon's IVs
StatusEnables Ghost-types to be hit with Normal- and Fighting-type moves
StatusCuts 1/4 user's max HP to create a decoy
StatusRandomly uses move known by party Pokemon
PhysicalPriority +2
PhysicalLeaves target with 1 HP
StatusUser's DEF +1, SPD +1
PhysicalInflicts damage; 120 power
StatusRandomly uses any move
StatusUser's EVA +1
StatusSteals target's item
StatusSignature move of Ditto
PhysicalStrikes 2-5 times; 15 power
StatusCopies the target's last move
StatusEnsures that the next attack will hit
PhysicalSnorlax's signature Z-Move; Giga Impact
PhysicalInflicts damage; 80 power
StatusHeals user's HP depending on weather
PhysicalUser attacks 2-3 turns, then becomes confused
PhysicalPossible target's DEF -1
SpecialSignature move of Meloetta
StatusTarget's EVA -1
PhysicalInflicts damage; 40 power
PhysicalUsed if user has no more PP; recoil
StatusUser's DEF +1
SpecialSignature move of Arceus
PhysicalCuts target's remaining HP in half
StatusUser becomes same type as target
StatusUses target's intended move with greater power
PhysicalInflicts damage; 65 power
StatusParalyzes target
StatusTarget uses move last used for 3 turns
StatusRaises user's critical hit chance
PhysicalUsed to scale rocky walls
StatusHeals party Pokemons' status problems
SpecialSignature move of Genesect
SpecialPower increases when target's HP is high
StatusTarget's ATK -1
StatusMakes target move right after user
StatusUser's ATK +2, SPA +2, SPE +2, DEF -1, SPD -1
PhysicalPower doubled if user has status condition
StatusAmount HP healed depends on Stockpile
PhysicalPriority +1
StatusTarget's ATK -1, SPA -1
PhysicalPossible target's SPE -1
StatusUser's Attack +1
Special2-turn attack; high critical hit ratio
StatusAny Pokemon that hears it faints in 3 turns unless it switches out
StatusOne turn after use, target's HP restored by half of user's max HP
PhysicalType and power depends on user's Berry
PhysicalPower increases if user's happiness is high
PhysicalInflicts damage; 55 power
SpecialType and power depends on weather
StatusEffects vary depending on environment
StatusUser's ATK +1
StatusForces target to switch out
SpecialAttacks for 3 turns; Pokemon cannot fall asleep
StatusUser cures itself of status condition
PhysicalPower increases when user's HP is low
StatusRestores half of user's max HP
PhysicalMay confuse target
PhysicalPower increases if user's happiness is low
PhysicalMay make target flinch
PhysicalHigher power if target has more HP left
StatusDoubles prize money after battle
Physical or SpecialNormal-type Z-Move
StatusTarget's ATK -1, SPA -1
PhysicalMay make target flinch
StatusTarget's SPA -1
PhysicalSignature move of Meowth
StatusTarget's ATK -1
SpecialAlways inflicts 20 HP damage
PhysicalDouble damage if ally fainted on previous turn
SpecialNever misses
StatusBoosts power of ally's attack
StatusFriends forever
StatusSignature move of Porygon family
PhysicalRecoil; 90 power
StatusProtects team from critical hits
PhysicalCuts target's HP to equal user's HP
PhysicalWorks first turn only; makes target flinch
PhysicalUser endures attacks for 2 turns, then inflicts double damage
StatusWill live any attack with at least 1 HP
StatusEnables Ghost-types to be hit by Normal- and Fighting-type moves
StatusTarget's SPE -2
PhysicalUser faints upon usage
PhysicalSignature move of Delibird
StatusTarget's ACC -1
StatusTarget's SPA -2 with opposite gender
StatusTarget's ATK +2; confuses target
StatusMakes target's Ability same as user's
StatusUser loses half of max HP but raises ATK +6
StatusConfuses target
PhysicalCan only be used after user uses all other moves
PhysicalInflicts damage; 40 power
PhysicalInflicts damage; 80 power
StatusWhen asleep, user randomly selects one of its moves
SpecialInflicts damage; 90 power
PhysicalRemoves entry hazards
StatusSignature move of Smeargle
SpecialInflicts damage; 140 power
StatusUser averages HP with target
StatusEnsures that the next attack will hit
StatusUser's ATK +1, SPA +1
SpecialCan be used only if user is asleep; may make target flinch
PhysicalHigh critical hit ratio
PhysicalSignature move of Silvally
StatusUser's ATK +2
StatusConfuses target
StatusSignature move of Porygon family
PhysicalSignature move of Minccino family
PhysicalInflicts damage; 40 power
SpecialPower depends on Stockpile
PhysicalHits 2-5 times; 15 power
Physical2-turn move; user's DEF +1 on first turn
PhysicalUsed to make secret bases
PhysicalMay paralyze target
StatusInfatuates target if it is opposite gender
StatusTarget's DEF -2
StatusPrevents target from using move it last used for 4 turns
StatusUser's random stat +2
StatusEnables user to evade all attacks
StatusUser's DEF +1
PhysicalRecoil; 120 power
SpecialPower increases when PP decreases
StatusRestores half of user's max HP
SpecialSignature move of Oricorio
StatusUser's ATK +1, SPA +1
StatusSignature move of Miltank

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