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PhysicalMay make target flinch
StatusConfuses target
StatusUser's ATK +1, DEF +1, SPE -1
StatusWhen user faints, opponent also faints
StatusFully depletes opponent's PP of move used to KO user
SpecialDouble damage to targets with status condition
PhysicalMay paralyze target
SpecialSignature move of Lunala
Physical or SpecialGhost-type Z-Move
SpecialInflicts damage equal to user's level
StatusInflicts damage every turn on sleeping target
SpecialMay raise all of user's stats +1
Physical2-turn move; hits through Protect
SpecialPossible target's SPD -1
PhysicalSignature move of Marowak-Alola
PhysicalHigh critical hit ratio
PhysicalSignature move of Giratina
PhysicalNever misses
PhysicalPriority +1
PhysicalDecidueye's signature Z-Move; Spirit Shackle
PhysicalMarshadow's signature Z-Move; Spectral Thief
PhysicalSignature move of Marshadow
PhysicalSignature move of Decidueye
StatusCuts 4 PP of target's last used move
StatusAdds Ghost to target's type

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