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What is the first chapter of the first book called?
What type of tie does Vernon Dursley pick for work?
Apart from Dumbledore, name another Chocolate frog card Harry gets on the Hogwarts Express
Name a book Hermione says that Harry is mentioned in
What's the last line of the school song?
What was Peeves holding the first time Harry saw him?
What colour is Mrs Norris?
What hangs from Hagrids ceiling the first time Harry visits him?
Who is the first to stick up for Neville after he breaks his arm during flying lessons?
What's the password to the Gryffindor common room on Halloween 1991?
How many Christmas trees are in the Great Hall in Harry's first year?
What spell did Malfoy put on Neville in the chapter 'Nicolas Flamel'?
Name a species of wild dragon in Britain
What colour was Norbert's egg?
What did Ron shout about when he was woken after Harry's detention in the forbidden forest?
What did the note pinned to Harry's invisibility cloak say when it was returned from the Astronomy tower?
What needn't Hermione have learnt about for their first History of Magic exam?
In the room with the Potions riddle, what colour is the fire Hermione goes through to get back?
What did Fred and George try to send Harry when he was in the Hospital wing?
What is the last chapter of the first book called?
What is the first chapter of the second book called?
Where does Vernon say they will be shopping for a holiday home in after the Masons visit?
What is Petunia cooking for the Masons visit?
What department does Mr Weasley work at in the Ministry?
Name one of the books mentioned on the Weasleys mantelpiece
What does Harry initially mistake Errol for?
What is the witch Harry meets in Knockturn Alley holding a tray of?
What is Lockhart's autobiography called?
What button is faulty on the Weasleys flying car?
Name one of the muggles who saw the flying car?
What's the first password to Gryffindor tower in second year?
What colour robes is Lockhart wearing in their first lesson?
According to Lockhart 'Celebrity is as...'
Who is the leader of the Headless Hunt?
What is Moaning Myrtle doing the first time the trio visit her bathroom?
Which book is the Polyjuice recipe in?
Where is the Malfoy's secret chamber?
What year was Hagrid expelled from Hogwarts?
What did Fred drop on George's head when he heard Percy had a girlfriend?
What is the last chapter of the second book called?
What is the first chapter of the third book called?
What does Hagrid get Harry for his thirteenth birthday?
Who looks after Marge's dogs while she is away?
Who gets off the Knight Bus at Abergavenny?
What are the tail twigs of the Firebolt made of?
What was Harry's first impression of Professor Trelawney?
What is Parvati Patils Boggart?
What was Hannah Abbott convinced Sirius could turn into?
What did Dumbledore offer first year Derek at the Christmas meal?
What broom does Cho Chang fly on?
What book is Hermione using for Muggle Studies class?
What does Dumbledore hire to guard the fat lady?
What order to the Marauders names appear on the map?
When she forgets to go to Charms class, which spell does Hermione miss learning?
What date is Buckbeaks appeal?
Where does Hermione find Scabbers at Hagrids?
What spell is used to get Snape out of the Shrieking Shack?
What does Fudge say Snape appears to be to Dumbledore?
Who does Ron check with before deciding to keep his new owl?
What is the last chapter of the third book?
What is the first chapter of the fourth book?
What is the pub called in Little Hangleton?
What book had Harry been reading before he dreamt of Voldemort?
How does Mr Weasley pronounce 'electric'
What time does the Portkey arrive at the Quidditch ground?
What type of flying carpet did Mr Crouch's grandfather have?
What did Rita Skeeter call Bill Weasley?
To muggles, what does the sign outside Hogwarts say?
Who is sorted last in Harry's fourth year?
What is the first plant fourth years work on in Herbology?
What book does Moody lend Neville?
What do the Beauxbatons horses drink?
Other than Fred and George, name someone else that tried to age themselves up
What is Rita Skeeters handbag made of?
What wood is Fleurs wand?
Which of Moody's 'dark detectors' vibrates when it detects concealments?
Which champion goes up against their dragon first?
What is Rons suggestion for getting a girl alone to ask to the ball?
What did Hermione buy Harry for Christmas in his fourth year?
What day of the week did Harry decide to go into the prefects bathroom?
Who did Dobby overhear talking in the staffroom that made him steal Gillyweed for Harry?
What potion are they supposed to be making when Snape reads out the Witch Weekly arcticle?
How many bottles of Butterbeer is Winky apparently getting through?
In the Pensieve, who does Karkaroff accuse Travers of murdering?
What does the Daily Prophet call Harry on the day of the third task?
What is Cedric running from when he meets Harry in the maze the first time?
Which Death Eater begged Lord Voldemort for forgiveness in the graveyard?
What does the first compartment of Moody's trunk hold?
Other than Lupin, who else does Dumbledore tell Sirius to alert?
What is the last chapter of the fourth book called?
What is the first chapter of the fifth book called?
What was the name of the ten year old that Dudley's gang beat up?
What date do the Advance Guard arrive at Privet Drive?
When cleaning Grimmauld Place, which room do they find large spiders in?
What is on Level Six of the Ministry of Magic?
Who did Moody say Voldemort killed personally?
Whose pyjamas did Fred put Bulbadox powder in?
What did Ron say Hermione's knitted hats looked more like?
Who have Crabbe and Goyle taken over as Beaters from?
Where did Hagrid have a slight disagreement with a Vampire?
What do the baubles that Dobby decorates the room of requirement with say?
What's the ward called that Mr Weasley stays on?
What is the patients name who's head is covered in fur and barks instead of talks?
Which Educational Decree stopped teachers from talking about anything not to do with their subject?
In the 'Centaur and the Sneak' which former Headmasters portrait shouts about the Ministry's corruption?
What did Harry forget the definition of on his Transfiguration OWL?
What does Ron call a Crumple-Horned Snorkack?
What colour is the curse Dolohov casts on Hermione?
What does Fudge call Lord Voldemort in the Daily Prophet?
What is the last chapter of the fifth book called?
What is the first chapter of the sixth book called?
Which bridge did the Death Eaters collapse?
What plant of Petunia's does Dumbledore say are flourishing?
What is Mr Weasley's dearest ambition?
Which Weasleys Wizard Wheezes product is attempting to walk off the shelf?
Which page of Advanced Potion Making did Ron say it looked like someone had puked on?
Who believed the time was ripe for a cheese cauldron?
What is the counter-curse to Levicorpus?
Name one of the things Tom Riddle stole from other orphans
What plant are the trio working on when Hermione mentions Slughorns Christmas party?
What ends up splattered on Percy's glasses?
How much do Apparition lessons cost?
Whose 'Third Law' are they studying when Harry gives Slughorn a bezoar?
According to Luna, what are Gurdyroots good at warding off?
'Greatness inspires envy, envy engenders spite, spite spawns...'
What potion does Draco make in the lesson while most are at the Apparition test?
What does Ron suggest the Felix Felicis really is when Harry says he's going to Hagrids?
In the detention cards, whose head had James and Sirius hexed?
Which portrait tells Mcgonagall that the Minister is coming?
What is the last chapter of the sixth book called?
What is the first chapter of the seventh book?
Who claimed he discovered eight uses of dragons blood before Dumbledore?
Whose wand does Voldemort demand after Lucius Malfoys is broken?
What is Mr Grangers new name after Hermione alters his memory?
What does Ron buy Harry for his Seventeenth birthday?
Where did the Dumbledores live before moving to Godrics Hollow?
Name one of Mary Cattermoles children
What is the first protective spell Hermione performs around their campsite?
What book does Hermione use to decipher the Tales of Beedle the Bard?
What is the inscription on Kendra and Ariana's tombstone?
What does Rita Skeeter call Bathilda Bagshot in the note she left with her book?
What is carved over the entrance to Nurmengard?
What's the first thing Ron says to Harry when he returns to them?
Outside the Lovegood house, a sign says you can pick your own what?
According to Xenophilius, what recipe do people always request from him?
Which wizarding village does Ron suggest Voldemort might have wanted to live in?
What wood is Pettigrews wand made from?
/What is Rons fake identity when breaking into Gringotts?
What does the Eagle knocker say about Luna's answer to its question?
Which two underage students does Mcgonagall shoo from the Gryffindor table?
What plants are Neville and Sprout going to lob over the walls?
In Snape's memories who did Avery and Mulciber attack?
Which Death Eater silences Hagrid in the forbidden forest?
In the final fight in the Great Hall, who brings down Dolohov?
What was the portrait of Dexter Fortescue waving when they were all applauding Harry?
What is the last chapter of the seventh book called?

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