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QUIZ: Can you answer these questions for each day of the 2014 FIFA World Cup?

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12th June- Who scored the first goal of the tournament?
13th June- How many goals did the Netherlands score in their shock thrashing of Spain?
14th June- What is the name of the England physio who was injured celebrating Daniel Sturridge's goal?
15th June- Which former Tottenham midfielder was sent off during Honduras' 3-0 loss to France?
16th June- Who scored 3 goals for Germany- the first hat trick of the tournament?
17th June- Which Mexico goalkeeper made some spectacular saves to help his country hold Brazil to a draw?
18th June- Name two of the three teams knocked out on this day, from groups A and B
19th June- In which position does Kostas Katsouranis, the Greek captain who was sent off against Japan, play?
20th June- What was the final result in the game between France and Switzerland, the highest scoring game to this point? (Write France's score first)
21st June- What is the name of the Germany striker who scored to equal the record for most World Cup goals?
22nd June- Who scored with seconds remaining to equalise for Portugal and keep their world cup hopes alive?
23rd June- Which 2 countries secured their place in the second round, qualifying from group A?
24th June- For how long was Uruguay's Luis Suarez banned from football after his bite on Italian defender Giorgio Chiellini?
Day/QuestionAnswerExtra Information
25th June- Which Switzerland player scored a hat trick in their 3-0 win over Honduras?
26th June- Which country became the final team to qualify for the second round?
28th June- Which rising star scored his fourth and fifth goals of the tournament in Colombia's 2-0 win over Uruguay?
29th June- Which Dutch substitute scored a penalty to secure his country's late comeback against Mexico?
30th June- What was the score in Germany's extra time second round win over Algeria?
1st July- How many minutes into their game against Switzerland did Argentina score the only goal of the game, to put them through to the quarter final?
4th July- What injury was sustained by Neymar in Brazil's 2-1 win over Colombia, putting him out of the rest of the tournament?
5th July- Which goalkeeper was successfully brought on as a substitute only for penalties for Holland?
8th July- Where did Germany's 7-1 demolition of Brazil take place?
9th July- Name either of the Dutch players to miss a penalty in their semi final defeat to Argentina
12th July- Who came third and fourth in the FIFA World Cup? (In Order)
13th July- Who won the 2014 FIFA World Cup?

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