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Aagets you where you need to be in the air
AbMovie starring kevin spacey
AcBoy pop singer: he likes candy
AdIcy book by Clive cussler
Aetv network that has an intervention
Afthe thunderbolts and raptors of the sky
Agdenzel is one: dont get into trouble with these thugs
Ahim calling for the highest bidder; 500 going once
AiDirected by Steven S
AjOld Hickory: President
AkIntials for this Cold Area
Althe middle name of this weird parody singer
Amtheres no hint BECAUSE I GOT HIGH
Anancient civilization who excelled in their navy
Aoone example of a greek word combination
Apwhat you get put in for college level classes
AqAmerican bagpipe player
ArBaseball player who deserves his bling
AsFamous Actor: even though he is a bad golfer
At2000 nhl expansion team
AuPatriotic university: located in the nations capital
Avpresident of godiva
AwPop Artist: marilyn monroe
Axintials for this popular clothes store
AyOwl City superstar
AzIntials for this mexico bordering state

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