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What were the empousai names
Son of Apollo (dead in TBOL)
God of the Sea
Goddess of Wisdom
Daughter of Aphrodite (dead)
Son of Ares
What school did percy go to in TLT
God of Fire and Blacksmiths
Daughter of Athena
Who is the last hundred handed-one
God of Gates and Hallways
God of the Underworld
Goddess of the hunt and stars
Luke's Mum (Oracle)
God of Dreams
What attacks percy in TLT (the athena pearl)
Sons of Dionysus
Where is Camp Half-blood
Goddess of Love and Doves
What attack Percy and Tyson and school
The son of Ares at the cattles in TBOL
Percy's mortal friend (new oracle)
First monster Percy killed
Daughter of Hades (hunter and dead
King of the Titan
Son of Apollo
Goddess of the rainbow
What does Clarisse blow up in (SOM)
Monster who gets killed by 'Nobody'
The other guy at the cattles in TBOL
Daughter of Ares
What curse does Percy have
In the TLT who do they meet in a matress store
Titan of Constellations
Percy's Teacher (Son of Kronos)
God of Sleep
Who is the guy with the eye-patch
Goddess of the Hearth
God of the Sky
God of the Winds
Daeadalus's fake body
A group of centaurs
God of Archery and Poems
Son of Hades
Who is Aunty Em
Sons of Hermes (twins)
Titan of Forethought
Satyrs that lead the Cloven leaders (dead)
Son of Ares
Daughter of Zeus (hunter)
What was Ms. Dodds
What are down in Hephaestus's cave
Son of Hephaestus (dead)
Goddess of Revenge and Balance
Son of Athena
God of Wine
Percy's Mum
Daughter of Demeter
What attack Percy and Rachel at Goode
Son of Hephaestus
Son of Athena
Son of Apollo (dead in TLO)
Goddess of Youth
Goddess of Spring-time
God of Thiefs, roads and travellers
Goddess of the Home
Son of Poseidon (cyclopes)
Titan of Light
Percy's evil half brother he fights
Who was Artemis's assistant (dead)
Son of Hermes
Who was the General
Son of Poseidon
His Best friend that is a satyr
Goddess of Magic
Where is the Labyrinth
Who is the Lightning Thief
Percy's Step-dad (TLT)
Goddess of Flowers
Who trapped him
Percy's Dog
Mother of Monsters
God of War
Percy's Step-dad (TBOL)
Worst Monster Ever

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