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Music based cluesong titleNon music based
Florence and the machine songOvercome by darkness
Colbie Caillat SongPlace for daydreams
A song by Kate Voegele or Natasha BedingfieldHeavenly being...Clarence ring any bells
Meredith Brooks songA pregnant dog or an intimidating woman
Natasha Bedingfield songFacial/ bodily markings often caused by too much sun
Marianas Trench SongSimilar to 'stammer', mis speak
Evanescence songNot well
A song by Kelly ClarksonNot here.. possibly even dead
Sara Bareilles songFolk tale like Sleeping Beauty, Snow White, etc
Sara Bareilles songTwo Words: Isaac Newton
Ingrid Michaelson songCasper for example
Christina Perri SongMeasure of Distance
Song by either Sara Bareilles or Christina PerriPart of the bird family
Sara Bareilles songBroken hearted person in need of help
Kate Voegele SongCity in Illinois
Neon Trees songCats, dogs, lions, tigers, bears,etc
A song by the frayYear(in the past)
A song by Rihanna or Kelly Clarkson or Mandy MooreTo produce tears
Eli Young Band SongCharacter in Celtic mythology, lover to both Arthur and Lancelot(and sometimes portrayed as lover to mordred)
Sara Bareilles songGhosts crossover into this
Music based cluesong titleNon music based
Evanescence songIe Atlantic and Pacific
Alanis Morisette songAnything that sucks-well almost anything-mainly small things
Gavin Degraw songIts what you make it AKA religion based
A Song by Michael Buble or the Goo goo dolls, also a song in the musical version of beauty and the beastIts where the heart is
Katy Perry SongEveryone's are different
Christina Perri SongA long ways away
One Republic SongMaxwell in both Centennial and The Natural
Lady Gaga Song___________statement, what you make with what you wear-women will get this
A song by Marianas TrenchHappily________ ________
Sara Bareilles songKeep it locked away/Don't talk about it
Sara Bareilles SongNorth or South________
Christina Perri SongTuxedo wearing bird
Stalker like fan songActor who portrays Jack Sparrow
Gavin Degraw SongFights for their country(an individual who)
Sara Bareilles songDon't tell me the truth, its not what I wanna hear
30 seconds to mars songA wind storm found namely near places located near oceans
Christina Aguilera songA Compliment
Five for fighting songLois Lane's lover
Bruno Mars SongHand operated bomb
A song by 3 doors downSuperman's Weakness

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