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Ancient Study of Magical Properties of numbers.
Shape-shifter that takes on the shape of what a person fears the most.
Dark Wizard Catcher.
Employee of the Department of Mysteries.
The spell Hermione uses to bewitch the coins for the members of Dumbledore's Army.
Study of the stars and planets in the solar system.
Also known as Aconite or Monkshood.
Quidditch player who focuses on the Bludgers.
Water plant that gives the eater gills and fins.
Class that teaches students how to defend themselves.
Correspondence course for Squibs.
Class that studies Non-Magical People.
Bewitched dead body.
Restorative Plant.
A stone taken from the stomach of a goat.
Neville's new plant in Order of the Phoenix.
Class that teaches how to care for magical animals.
Wizard transportation that if done unsuccessfully may result in splinching.
Beautiful women, that grow beaks and scaly wings when angry.
Magic Mirror that shows your enemies.
Class in which students study plants.
Someone who can change their appearance at will.
Giant black dog considered to be a death omen.
Wizarding Pet Shop located in Diagon Alley.
Derogatory term to describe a person of non-magic parentage.
Followers of Voldemort.
The most powerful love potion.
Class that teaches how to transform one item into another.
Sweets that burn a hole in the tongue.

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