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1721-1917 (Was in Eastern Europe and Northern Asia)
247 BCE-224 BCE (Mostly in Iran, also in some parts of the middle east)
1822-1889 (In South America)
1701/1525-1947 (In Central Europe)
326 BCE-180 BCE (In India)
330-1453 (In Southeastern Europe, Turkey and parts of the middle east at its hight)
1428-1521 (In south america)
2500 BCE-605 BCE (In the Middle East
753 BCE/27 BCE-476
1611-1721 (In Scandinavia)
1299-1918/1920 (In Turkey, The Balkans, the Middle East and North Africa at its hight)
808 BCE-168 BCE (In the Balkans, Turkey and the Middle East at its hight)
1415-2002* (Colonial)
221 BCE-1912 (In China)
1206-1368 (In almost all of Asia
1534-1815 (Colonial)
962-1806 (In Central Europe)
626 BCE-539 BCE (In the Middle East)
1583-1983* (Colonial)
1501-1736 (In Iran)
1707/1799-1849 (In North-Western India)
1185-1396 (In the Balkans)
1492-1975* (Colonial)
1550 BCE-1077 BCE (In Egpyt)
8500 BCE/2070 BCE-221 BCE (In China)
681-1018 (In the Balkans)
300-1200 (In Western Africa)
1526-1857 (In India)
1438-1533 (In South America)
802-1431 (In South-East Asia)

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