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KNK's debut date
Inseong's Halloween Costume
Name of the Coldplay song Heejun covers
Youjin's most prized possession
Who made food for Jihun on his 2017 birthday
What was Seungjun's first word on his headband during the v live 'water fight'
What will their manager buy for them if they get recognized on the street?
Who's Christmas tree did Seungjun bump into and knock decorations off of (my knk television #61)
What place did Youjin get in track for ISAC 2017
Who were they backup dancers for predebut
Who was Mamamoo's hidden 'guy/member'
What group was Sun.Moon.Star a homage to
Who's rain teaser was released last
What song off of the Remain album did Heejun help compose
What is Seungjun doing instead of helping the other members build the the tent during my knk television #31
What type of sushi did the members (mainly Seungjun) want to get during the Nimdle cushion quiz
What song by TVXQ/DBSK did KNK cover
Which KCON did KNK attend
What did Jihun point out that they left while dancing to 'U' on Amigo TV
Which 'guy' was Inseong while doing the Despacito Dramatic Reading
What place is on Inseong's bucket list to visit

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