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Description of PhilosopherName
Showed four stages of life. Explained that man progressed over a period of time rather than it happening all at once.
Breaks the world down into 3 civilizations and explains the significance of History. Also believed that commerce is the center of everything
Believed there is 4 idols of man; tribe, cave, marketplace, and theater. Described the Nature of Man rather than the Progress of man.
Strong believer in the encyclopedia and that it would help the world progress because everyone would see what has been accomplished and build upon them instead of repeating them
Writer of Candide. Believed that free speech was a major component of the progess of man and greatly opposed the teachings of the church.
Composer. Believed that people should be rewarded for talent. Talented man Himself
Believed that nature was a constant circle and nothing changes. Had similar views to Diderot. Linear progress of Humanity.
Wanted the wealthy to support patrons
Studied the Vices and Virtues of Man.
Believed that we should study ancient people and languages, thus showing his great interest in History and the progress of Man.

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