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what would harry like to call his first child?
what is niall's natural hair colour?
what language does zayn have is granfathers name in?
what is liams fear?
how many sisters does louis have?
who came up with the name one direction?
who cried while watching toy story 3?
who cried while watching finding nemo?
what would zayn be doing if he wasnt in the band?
what would liam be doing is he wasnt in the band?
what would harry be doing is he wasnt in the band?
or at universiry 
what did louis and liam do to harry to make him cry twice?
what band member eats carrots?
what would niall do if he wasnt in the band?
what did liam buy niall for christmas?
what is harry's favourite food?
what is harry's favourite drink?
which band member calls harry.. hazza
when does liam want to get married?
what does louis describe zayn's body as?
who thinks bambi is the great first movie for a date?
who sung to their ex girlfriend?
how does liam diescribe tattos?
which band member likes intelligent girls?
where did harry and louis first meet on x-factor?
who dreams about harry and niall?
who talks about there day in their sleep?
who made a fan pass out by saying hello to them?
who likes a girl with a good appetite?
which band members are gym buddies?
which band member is the most cuddlest?
who had their first kiss at aged 9?
who doesnt like mayaneise?
who is the tallest in the band?
who is the smallest in the band?
which band member had a live hamster thrown at them?
who would zayn date if he was girl?
who carrys 3 twix bars with them everyday?
what is zayns favourite food?
which band member thinks harry is a terrible driver?
what was louis first dogs name?
what is zayn afraid of?
which band member knows ho to knit?
which two band members hate their lips?

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