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Forced Order
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Who is Winston Churchill?
When did the Soviet Union respond by starting the Warsaw pact?
Most people died of the radiation of the bomb because it caused?
Who dropped the first bomb on Hiroshima & Nagasaki?
Who wrote a letter to President Roosevelt warning him about the Nazis ability to build an atomic bomb?
Who did the U.S. stop selling oil to?
Who came up with the policy containment?
Who signed a 10 year nonaggression pact with Hitler?
In 1949 who developed an atomic bomb?
Who ended World War 2?
What year did the Cold War last until?
Where did the U.S. scientist built the lab?
What year did they form NATO?
After which bomb did Japan surrender?
What did the United Stated and its allies did not want to spread?
What year does Japan surrenders?

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