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1920; Also known as the cathode-ray tube invented by Vladimir Kosma Zworykin
Created by Henry Ford who revolutionized the automobile industry by using an assembly line technique to make cars that workers could afford. First car with a combustion engine.
1920; Allowed for mass broadcasting, advertising and propaganda. Created by Ernst Alexanderson
Allowed people to leave behind the comfort of their daily surroundings and participate in adventures, big industry; The Jazz Singer
1928; invented by scientist Sir Alexander Fleming. Became widely used after World War 1
1920; created by a police office from Detroit named William Potts. He used red, green and amber lights and wire
Allowed Americans to shift their attention toward leisure-time activities. Harsh supervision, skills to perform a job became narrower
Allowed women to spend less time on food preparation, could buy more at the supermarket, keep food cold
Before the 1920s, women inserted a flexible pipe in the exhaust of a vacuum cleaner when hair was wet before this invention came out
Benjamin Holt built first crawling tractor, scraping blades were added to to it, LaPlant-Choate Manufacturing Company produced the first full one, knocks down buildings, homes

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