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QUIZ: Can you name the top 10 events leading up to the Civil War?

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'mini Civil War'
________ Party was a mix of Whigs, Abolitionists, and Free-Soilers
The ____ _______ stated that local communities could legally deny slavery by not protecting it
'____ ____' a.k.a the do nothing President
Which side won in the fraudulent Kansas election?
During which convention did voters unanimously vote for secession or nullification of the Constitution?
Who said ' A House divided against itself could not stand'?
The Kansas-Nebraska Act, popular sovereignty, westward expansion of slavery and the issue of slavery in general were debated by...?
This Act repealed the Miss. Compromise and the 36.30 parallel; sponsored by Stephen Douglas
How many states in total left following the S.C. Secession Convention?
'Uncle Tom's Cabin' was written by whom?
Henry Clay created what to help settle the dispute between whether or not to admit California as a slave or free state?
Webster warned ''There is no such thing as a peaceful _________'
The _____ Purchase was bought for a southern Railroad route
An attempt to free slaves by seizing arms at the Federal Armory...
Which Supreme Court case declared that Blacks were not citizens, could not use the courts for their freedom, and that slaves were defined as property?
______ became 'pro-slavery' in his 7th of March Speech
Who won the Presidential Election of 1856?
'____-____' demanded secession if California became 'free'
The North suffered from this because it was harsh on industry, but the South benefited from high cotton prices

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