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Expansionism/Mexican-American War

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In what territory did the United states agree to move to the 49th Parallel?
What general became a president after the Mexican-American War?
Who was one of the leaders under the rule of Santa Anna? (Hint: A)
James Polk campaigned '_______' until Oregon was split at the 49th Parallel
Polk was from the _____ Party and Clay was from the _____?
________ was known as the 'impregnable' fortress.
'Young Hickory' a.k.a _____? (last name only)
After the capture of Santa Anna the Texicans created the ______
At what battle did Texas win its independence?
The US paid ______ million dollars to buy Mexican territory despite winning.
Which bill would ban slavery in the Mexican Cession Territory?
John O' Sullivan coined what belief that the US should control all land between the oceans?
'American blood was shed on ______ _______'
What does CCD stand for?
The __________ Army and Navy, led by Winfield Scott landed at Vera Cruz
Who was known as the 'Father of Popular Sovereignty'? (last name only)
By 1830's Dictator _______ eliminated all Texican rights
US forces led by Zachary Taylor attacked Mexico and won battles such as Monterrey and ________
Mexican Cession was finalized through the Treaty of _____?
US President Tyler finally annexed Texas as a _____ state

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