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Can you name the Departments and Sub-Divisions for the Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures?

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MemoDepartment or Sub-Divisiom
Mrs. Young was letting her kids play in the forest next to her house when they found an egg they believe to belong to an acromantula.
Old Mrs. Hopkirk has been hearing a lot of clanking in her attic but hasn't seen anything up there when she goes to looks. Which division should go investigate?
There was a report filed by an angry parent. The parent states that their child was attacked by a hippogriff and the parent wants this hippogriff executed.
Someone left a note asking to talk to the person in the most highly regarded post in this highly respected field.
Apparently there has been another infestation of Bundimun but this time in Godrics Hollow. We need to get this memo out quick!
Some has reported seeing a Dragon flying awfully close to a muggle city. We need to send this department out to make sure the dragon is relocated to a safer place.
The Abbott family was hiking through the woods when they came across the home of a hag. Luckily they stunned it and got their kids away but we need to send someone out there.
MemoDepartment or Sub-Divisiom
The Malloy family is inquiring on getting a new House Elf. What office do they need to talk to?
The Potter's have been hearing a werewolf in their area but have not heard that any were living near by. What department needs to be notified
What other division should be notified about this werewolf?
Some Bowtruckles have been reportedly scratching at some muggle hikers everything they hike down a certain hiking path. Who needs to go out and resolve this?
Poor Molly Weasley is having a really difficult time getting rid of the Boggart who just started taking residents in one of her sons old rooms.
Bill Weasley sent a memo in asking for some extra support during the month. He needs a fellow friend to talk to. Which department can help him?
I've heard there is one office that has never been used since it's inception.

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