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Can you name the characters that said these quotes from Chrono Trigger?

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Forced Order
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'Win and live. Lose and die. Rule of life. No change rule.'
'What ARE you two doing? I thought you said something about a nice little slideshow?'
'Come back anytime. We'll ride the wind, babe.'
'All life begins with Nu and ends with Nu... This is the truth! This is my belief! ...At least for now.'
'We have no future.'
'Liar! I was a perfect lady last night! Uhhhh.... why does my tummy hurt?'
'I'm the wind! Whoosh!'
'Male, female, what's the difference? Power is beautiful and I've got the power.'
'You got whacked cuz you're weak.'
'You're a marshmallow, Glenn.'
'It's been ages, Sir Slush!'
'You cocky boxes of bolts!'
'To bring back lost loved ones... It's what everyone wants... Crono must be proud... to have friends like you...'
'My name is [name], I have metal joints, beat me up, and earn fifteen silver points!'
'No, no, no, no! Stop the music!...... Ha! There we go!'

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