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Forced Order
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If it takes 3 minutes to boil 1 egg in a 2-litre saucpan of salted water, how long will it take to boil 3 eggs in the saucepan?
What form of transport has 8 wheels but only carries 1 passenger?
What kind of coat contains no buttons, no arms, no stiching, no pockets and is always put on wet?
What would happen if you struck a match in a room filled with hydrogen
Who played for both England and France on the same afternoon at Wembley Stadium?
How much earth is there in a hole 290cm wide, 210cm deep and 330cm long?(enter numerical value)
John works in a candy shop. He has brown hair and is 1.3 metres tall. He has blue eyes. What does he weigh?
What can be made, bent, laid-down, broken but never touched?
How many times can you subtract 6 from 36?
A woman stopped her car opposite a row of hotels and immediately knew she was bankrupt. How?
What is the difference between a crisp new $20 bill and a dirty old one?
What always comes at the end of a summer holiday?
As I was going to St Ives, I met a man with seven wives, Each wife had seven sacks, Each sack has seven cats, Every cat had seven kittens. How many were going to St Ives?
What has a big mouth, that is forever open. Yet cannot utter a word?
A Horse jumps over a tower and the tower disappears. it's not an illusion or a dream so where could this happen?
Mary's mother has 3 children: April May, can you name the 3rd child?
What can you take away the whole and still have some left?
'Two's company, Three's a crowd'. What are four and five?
If there were 8 crows on a wall near a sheep pen and a farmer shot one, then how many crows would be left?
What will you get if you add eleven and one four times?
How many letters are there in the alphabet?
What do you get if you divide 40 by a half and then add 10 to the result?
Which would burn longer, a short fat blue candel, or a long thin spirally yellow one?
What can be found in London but also seen in France and New York?
Mt Everest was first climbed in 1953 although its location and height had been recorded long before that in 1841. What was the highest mountain in the world before then?

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