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DefinitionKey term
occurs when revenues of a business are greater than the cost
stock management system where stocks are ordered just before they are needed
the flow of cash into and out of a business
part of a market that contains a group of buyers with similar buying habits
all the costs of a business
level of output where revenues equal costs
borrowing money from a bank by drawing more money than is actually in the account
costs which change directly depending on the number of products made
costs which do not vary with the amount produced
money received from selling goods or services
DefinitionKey term
when a customer buys a product more than once
achieving a minimum standard for a product or service
where a supplier gives a customer time to pay for a bill for goods or services
model which analyses products according to growth rate and market share
highest amount of stock to be kept by a business
process of transforming inventions into products that can be sold to consumers
data about opinions, judgements and attitudes
data that can be expressed as numbers and statistically analysed
stages through which a product passes from its development to being withdrawn from sales
part ownership of a business

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