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Can you complete the word pyramid by adding a letter to answer each clue?

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Article denoting a singular noun 
Preposition used for precision 
Waited in one spot 
Tests taken in high school 
Data regarding probability and frequency 
State of being 
Figures sculpted from stone or metal 
Rules set by an organization 
Hydrogen symbol 
Interjection of humor or disbelief 
An accessory worn on the head 
An adult male deer 
Circulatory organ 
The area before a fireplace 
Logarithmic constant 
Second diatonic note 
The color of blood 
Understand written words and characters 
To move along in a specific manner 
String used to fasten fabric 
Chemical symbol for Nitrogen 
Chemical symbol for Neon 
First digit 
Plural of previous answer 
Sharpens, as a blade 
Virtue of truth 
First person singular pronoun 
Third person singular 'to be' 
Belonging to an gender-neutral noun 
Takes a seat 
Hurts another pettily 
Magical creatures such as fairies or elves 
Vertical axis on a graph 
Belonging to me 
Given permission 
A relatively high number 
Having masculine characteristics 
Primarily consisting of 
Sulfur, chemically 
Adverb used in comparison 
A dance step 
Sifts sand or dirt 
Ideas for future events 
'Producers' of the food chain 
Celestial bodies orbiting a star 
Uranium on the periodic table 
First person plural 
Fluid within infectious tissue 
Moves, as an object, to another location 
Mopes around in dissatisfaction 
Taps and spigots 
The shoots of a plant 
Preposition opposite to 'off' 
First digit 
Single occurence 
A standard unit of mass or volume 
Propel from the force of hitting the ground 
A guard or usher at the door of a club 

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