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Can you give the words that derive from Greek mythological figures?

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The art of creating various sounds to conduct a harmonius flow of noise
A collection of artistic, historical, and/or scientific records and achievements
A substance that heightens one's libido when smelled or eaten
Suggesting or depicting sexual activity
An extreme or irrational fear
Immensly large or powerful
The organization of events in the order they occurred in time
Lasting over a long time
A technique used to remember certain ideas
The act of putting others into a trance
In complete disarray
A floating cylinder used with others to support a platform upon water
Any of the large masses of salt water that surrounds the continents
The concept suggesting that the planets revolve around the sun
A state of peace and unity
The application of science in practicality
A physical pain within one's body
The practice of sanitation and cleanliness
The part of life for many organisms in which they go into a slumber while their body ages into adulthood
To torture or taunt

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