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New-mon-ickPertaining to the lungs
Nem-on-ickA trick to memorizing important information
Back-lore-ee-itA Bachelor's degree
Sill-o-etThe shadowy outline of a figure
Con-o-sue-erAn expert judge of style or taste
Core-new-co-pee-uhThe horn-shaped basket filled with harvest
Dip-thongA one syllable sound that suggests two vowels
Sack-ra-li-jusViolation of sacred
Gi-uh-teenA Medieval execution
Ca-lied-o-scopeAn optical device that merges colors and images of environment
Le-pra-conA Gaelic sprite of good fortune
Maw-na-stare-eeHome to an order of Monks
Opt-uh-mal-o-geeThe medicinal study of the eye
Per-rog-uh-tivAn exclusive right or privilege
Sow-er-croutPickled cabbage

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