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QUIZ: Can you name the words that can be used as a noun, verb, and adjective

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Noun: Natural or constitutional entitlement Verb:To fix Adj: Clockwise; correct
Noun: The average in a set of data Verb: To have intentions of Adj: Miserable and rude
Noun: An underground quarry of earthly deposit Verb: To carve rock in attempt to find ore Adj: Belonging to the first person
Noun: A quadrilateral of equal sides and angles Verb:To multiply an number by itself Adj: Boring or nerdy
Noun: Money due for breaking law Verb: To charge someone for breaking law Adj: Alright
Noun: A group of Verb: To Prepare Adj: Ready
Noun: One's sense of calm Verb: To lower heat Adj: Spectacular
Noun: Energy from the sun Verb: To bring color into Adj: Having a bright hue
Noun: A noise Verb: Convey in tone Adj: Safe
Noun: A level in a series of Verb: To make circular Adj: Having no angles; blunt
Noun: A type of curtain Verb: To cause to lose eyesight Adj: Unable to see
Noun: Affirmitive option Verb: Give permission Adj: Having no serious ailments

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