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ClueWordSilent Letter
Type of fish that can swim upriver
The act of rising upward
Drag ink across paper to make characters that have meaning
Which person?
A result of tightly entangling and looping cords, strings, wires, etc.
An omen or landmark that identifies places or events
To arrange in a linear formation
One who has extrasensory abilities
A swordsman of English Feudalism
The structure, shape, and physique of an individual
Two vowels sounding as one syllable
Energy enabling vision and color
Lacking feeling
Rough, calloused, and/or raw
A tool used to part hair
Segment of time consisting of sixty minutes
Flying prehistoric reptile
Middle of the week
A metamorphic rock
One who receives titlements after the death of a relative
A church song
Large tidal wave caused by water disturbances
A feeling of remorse and sympathy
Small mass of land surrounded by water
Former Russian Emperor
To deliberately hear
Order a sentence upon
Fly resembling a mosquitio
To make high-pitched noise via blowing through one's lips
Chinese style of cooking involving heavy oils and spices
Rank above Lieutenant and Major
A form of dance involving graceful stepping and leaping to the melody of a volin or cello
Having truthful attributes
A method of strengthening memory
Complete disorder

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