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Can you name the HP Character by the Limerick?

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My sister was loved more than I, she just had to go and die. They gave me her son which of course was no fun, I think I just may cry
My husband turns into a stag, My sister is quite the hag. I died for my son, the chosen one, and my poor boy's life is a drag
Everyone thought I was dead. But I turned into a rat and fled. I killed the spare so only Harry was there, but Riddle killled me instead
I am a big fan of beasts. I sit next to Flitwick at Feasts. I am a huge fool and had to leave school and Riddle I like the least.
I will have order at school. Even if I must be so cruel. I hate all kids, they are such gits and Harry beat me in a duel.
I only have love for a snake. She and I keep Potter awake. I run through the night, kill things on sight to get Harry for my sake.
I made Frank and Alice go mad. Mrs. Weasely did me in bad. I loved Voldy more than my husband before but I bet Neville is glad.
After a few books I had read, I decided to go on to bed. I like to teach History, consider it a mystery that no one has told me I'm dead.
Although a squib I may be, I made sure of Harry's safety. I saw him save his dumb cousin from dementors by the dozen and I went on the stand for he.
Sassa hiss ss nass ess

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