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Can you name the concepts from Marvel from A-Z?

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AWasp's Partner
BMutant team against the X-men
CLeader and first student of the X-men
DBlind hero
EEnemy and lover of the latter
FQuartet of mutated 'astronauts'
GDevourer of worlds
HArcher of the Avengers
IIron man, Mr. Fantastic, Namor, Professor X, Dr. Strange, and Black Bolt, to name a few
JLarge X-men enemy; Step-brother to Professor X
KReoccuring enemy of Letter D
LDr. Curt Connors' identity after using a serum he concocted
MGroup of thieving mobsters
NAtlantean Marvel
OThor's Father
PVietnam Veteran with four Purple Hearts
QSuper fast son of Magneto
RCapt. America's arch enemy
SAsgardian Sweetheart to Thor
TVillainous Inventor
UBritish patriot; Captain America's wartime ally
VBird enemy of Spiderman
WOne of Iron Man's arch enemies
XCo-Founder of the Mutant School
YLater form of Letter A
ZTeam of 12 ex-cons

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