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Can you name the answers to these Mad Gab-like clues?

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Parrot I sit teaMusic
Ray durza thall awes darkMovie
Well cumb ackot terTelevision
You ni ted a rib emer etsGeography
Airy pa turan dud eth lee ha losBook
Mick all e call kin Celebrity
Them anen them ear or Music
Thaw wiss heard a fozz Movie
Thu eel uh for chunTelevision
Noir leansGeography
Theck etch rin thryBook
My cool jazz unCelebrity
Nuke id son thub lokMusic
Thus own duff moose ickMovie
Sue pern atcher awlTelevision
Else alpha doorGeography
Go a scale isBook
Sare udge ess ick up ark ar Celebrity
Crays each reinMusic
Coss ob lonk uhMovie
Isla flu seaTelevision
Poss if icko shenGeography
Thug earl witha drack onta twoBook
Hair is on fouredCelebrity

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Tags:category, gab, mad

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