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Can you name the similarities between Majora's Mask and Ocarina of Time?

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OoT character descriptionMM characterMM character description
NabooruAlso Gerudo Leader
Medicine store salesmanN/A
Annoying dancing coupleAnnoying dancing couple with game shop
Carpenter BossMan in charge of Carnival of Time set up
Boy under tree at night who thinks everyone is disgustingCuckoo Guy
DaruniaWise Goron Hero
Boy with reed pipes in lost woodsHost to Majora's Mask
Cuccoo LadyInn keeper
Bonooru or PierreN/A
Pond ownerN/A
Runner who buys bunny hoodN/A
Boy in GraveyardBomber Society Boy
Shooting Gallery OwnerPictograph Man/Tingle's father
TalonMilk Bar caretaker
Flying carpet salesmanN/A
Malon (older)Farm girl
Princess RutoDepressed Zora Singer
Malon (younger)Farm girl
Lake ScientistGreat Bay Scientist
Man running while quoting the March Hare from 'Alice in Wonderland'Thief
Woman looking for her dog, Little Richard Dog track bookie
Fire Witch(same name)Potion vender
Old Potion LadyAnju's Grandmother
Loans you 'accessories' to sellN/A
Music box man in windmillN/A
Pacing old man in Castle Town(past) and Kakariko Village(future)Astronomer
Ice Witch(same name)Potion vender
Grave digger of same nameGrave digger

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