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When given two definitions of two words with same spelling and pronunciation, give the Homonym they have in common

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Definition OneWord(s)Definition Two
To prepareA collection of things
An explosive trapBelonging to the first person
A fee for disobeying rules or lawsBeing in an okay state
The average of a set of dataBeing aggressive or unkind
Being nice or soft-heartedVersion or type
Fecal matterTo let spoil or make useless
Being correctDirectional term
A class or subject in high school or collegeTo flow rapidly
To have fun with toysA Shakespearean work
A dear, loved organism or objectTo stroke gently
Definition OneWord(s)Definition Two
A hint of adviceA voluntary amount of money given for satisfaction
To pick at randomTo pull out one's weapon
Shattered or caused to become shatteredHaving insufficient funds to live off of
Belonging to thyselfTo have custody of
To understandTo receive
Fair or correctHaving nothing else
To be fond ofSimilar to
Above or acrossComplete or having ended
An opening to an underground supply of waterBeing fine or performing in a good manner
The way one may express throw voice or wordsA quality of sound or color

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