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First MeaningWordSecond Meaning
To shrinkBinding agreement
To find guiltyOne found guilty
To attainCompetition
Amount or qualityOkay
To changeOne who changed
Fruits and VeggiesCreate or Manufacture
To sympathizeGaming system
To turn, as a clockMoving air
Drug that eases feelings in body Digit
Real, in the flesh, on stageTo exist
Salty water of sadnessTo rip
Diatonic Scale noteTo perform
Archery weaponTo bend in gratitude or greeting
PerformsFemale Deer
To cause to undergoTopic or class
Turned, as a clockBoo-boo
Small, tinyUnit of time
Right here, right now or Gift (pronounced same)To show
To make larger or louderAn assignment or work plan
To make note ofVinyl Disc
FlawlessTo make flawless
To deny or vetoOne who has been denied
ItemGo against
Element #82 PbTo be followed
To make betterInstitution or practice
To see and interpret wordsPast tense of first meaning
To revoltOne who contradicts
One who may have done somethingTo think something of someone
To carry onwardHow far we've come
To organizeOne's manner or behaviour
Mailed againHate intensly
To allowLegal document allowing something
Female elphant or pigOne may do this with seeds

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