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Can you give the first names given to more than one Harry Potter Character?

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Last Name-DescriptionNameLast Name- Description;
Weasley- Son of Arthur and MollyWeasley- Son of George and Angelina
Weasley, nee Prewett- Wife of Arthur Weasley- Daughter of Percy and Audrey
Tonks- Husband of Andromeda Tonks, nee BlackLupin- Son of Tonks and Remus; Nott- Slytherin in Harry's year
Potter- Father of HarryPotter- Son of Harry and Ginny
Potter, nee Evans- Mother of Harry PotterPotter- Daughter of Harry and Ginny
Dumbledore- Headmaster of HogwartsPotter- Son of Harry and Ginny
Prang- Driver of the Knight BusMacmillan- Hufflepuff in Harry's year
Last Name-DescriptionNameLast Name- Description;
Riddle- Muggle father to Voldemort; Riddle- Lord VoldemortUnknown- Leaky Cauldron Bartender
Longbottom- AurorBryce- Riddle family Gardener
Cattermole- Muggle-born wife of RegMacdonald- A Ravenclaw who attended Hogwarts during the time of the Marauders
Crabbe- Death eaterCrabbe- A Slytherin in Harry's year
Flint- Slytherin Quidditch CaptainBelby- A member of the Slug Club in Harry's sixth year
Creevy- Younger brother to ColinBishop- Fellow orphan whom Riddle took into the Cave; Unknown- Friend of Dudley
Crouch- Head of Magical Law EnforcementCrouch- son of the latter who posed as Alastor Moody

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