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Can you name the company and/or mascot by my strange description of them?

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Anthropomorphic peanut dressed like-a-sir encourages people to eat his bretherin
Abrupt, cheerful woman is obsessed with car insurance and its discounts
Pitcher of juice with arms and legs has no concern for walls
Tiny baker that laughs when touched inappropriately
Leprechaun endlessly chased by greedy, obnoxious kids wanting to steal his cereal
Disturbing monarch stalks individuals and creeps up on them to deliver sandwiches
Snazzy tuna with a beret and glasses is often apoligized to
A silent bald man who smiles and does chores
Sweet, socially awkward girl who sells cellphones and data plans
Lax Cheetah with shades
Rabbit that drums relentlessly
Enormous farmer who stole Santa's catchphrase
Short Roman emperor with limited vocabulary and no neck
Cheerful woman who happens to be present whenever anyone smells the delightful cleaning agent

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