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Can you name the characters with monikers or prefixes? (i.e. Dr. Mr. Ms....)

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Kentucky Fried Chicken mascot
Member of King Arthur's Round Table, who had an affair with his wife
A soft drink know to have 23 flavors
Kanto's Pokemon Professor
Porcine aggressively infatuated with Kermit the Frog
Peter Pan's antagonist
Bald mascot who disinfects kitchens and bathrooms
Time traveller portrayed by multiple actors with multiple storylines
Planters mascot supporting humans to snack upon his bretherin
Astronaut who found Jeannie the Genie's bottle
Simon and Garfunkel song written for 'The Graduate'
Fantastic Four's main villain
Leader of the Lonely Hearts Club (Beatles)
Wizard clothing saleswoman on Diagon Alley
David Bowie's Ground Control attempts to reach him

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