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QUIZ: Can you name the cartoon shows by a theory shared on Creepy Pasta?

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A teenager with an LSD addiction has hallucinations of herself returning to infancy and communicating with the unborn children of her parent's friends.
A boy is born with deformities due to his incestuous parents being so much older. He his constantly stalked by a woman who sexually abuses him.
A dog lives in Hell with his master who represents Satan and his friend who represents humanity. He represents Cerberus, the dog gaurding the entrance to Hell
Man did LSD and hallucinated a dog, friends, and the monsters that surrounded them
Atomic bombs being tested in an atoll mutated many organisms nearby and altering the physical properties of the landscape and water.
*Humans live in a post-apocalyptic Earth while the rest of humanity migrated to space colonies.*
A girl with multiple personalities hallucinates herself split into three. Abuse from a bully has caused her trauma- the bully she reimagines as a monkey and her greatest nemesis.
A group of kids who grew up on a cul-de-sac are all killed but trapped in an alternate plane that takes the appearence of their street.
A cat is abandoned when his owner moves out and leaves him to die of starvation. His afterlife continues in the house where he creates the illusion of an owner and a dog.
A young boy is bullied by neighbor Mandark and scared to go outside. He instead sits in his basement and imagines himself a laboratory.

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