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Can you give the word that begins with one letter and ends with the next alphabetically?

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A___B: One from an area in the Middle East
B___C: A white wine
C___D: A mass of water vapor
D___E: God-like
E___F: A small sprite associated with Christmas, cookies, or a shoemaker
F___G: An brief affair with an attractive other
G___H: To flow excessively and viciously
H___I: Non-contingent US state
J___K: A person who enthuses in an activity
K___L: A place where dogs are taken care of
L___M: Basic Metal; #3 on Periodic Table
M___N: Tertiary color (Red+Purple)
N___O: Tortilla Chip
O___P: To cover partly
P___Q: A test determining mental capacity
Q___R: One-fourth
R___S: A break from work
S___T: An activity requiring athletic ability
T___U: A ballerina's attire
V___W: A sight; To see
W___X: Candle Material
X___Y: Medical technology
Y___Z: Yiddish term for a clumsy fool
Z___A: A horrse-like animal

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