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Can you name the words that begin and end with the same letter for each letter of the alphabet?

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Ancient Greek Goddess of wisdom(A)Mythology
Clump of material having no definite form(B)Just for Fun
Of the heart(C)Health
Member of ancient priesthod(D)Religion
Optic organ(E)Biology
Marshmallow condiment(F)General Knowledge
Oldest Brady son(G)Television
Interjection indicating disbelief or lack of hearing(H)English Language
Of a Hebrew land(I)Demonyms
Michael Jackson's sister's full initials(J)Celebrities
Rapids watercraft(K)Sports
Computer Funny(L)Acronymns
A type of psychic(M)'Magic'
Chemical element with atomic mass of 10(N)Chemistry
Canada province containing capital(O)Geography
To force thyself away from the ground(P)Exercise
Five, as in medicine(Q)Medicine
Relating to a certain quadrilateral(R)Geometry
Large white star in Canis Major(S)Astronomy
Saltwater fish related to the Salmon(T)Zoology
Natural Australia Wonder(U)Landmarks
Sixth letter of the Hebrew Alphabet(V)Foreign Languages
A type of tree with droopy branches and vines(W)Arbology
To photocopy(X)Misc.
Beatles Song(Y)Music
Batman telephone killer(Z)Comic Books

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