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When Leslie receives a teddy bear from Donna and April, it plays a voice recording in which April (in a gravely voice) claims to be what unknown entity?
What gift does Leslie give to Ben for their anniversary?
What meal has Councilman Milton eaten for lunch every day?
In the Season 6 Finale, Jerry goes by yet another new name. What is it?
What event does the Parks Department arrange for Pawnee and Eagleton?
What band is reunited for the event?
What band is Andy a member of?
What office employee does Andy constantly torment?
What gay bar do April's (former) boyfriends attend?
What is the pit near Ann's house called?
Near the beginning of the show, who does Leslie claim to have slept with?
What car does Donna drive?
Who is April's creepy friend?
The majority of Ron's wealth can be found in what form?
Who does Tammy One work for?
What vegetable is advertised at a farmers market using attractive models?
Where does the National Parks Conference take place (Season 6)?
Prior to Leslie finding out, who knew Ron Swanson's birthday?
Who does Leslie believe is vandalizing the Mayor Percy statue every year on Halloween?
According to Leslie, who is the sexiest man alive, apart from Ben?
Where was Tom Haverford born?
What was interesting about Tom's marriage with Wendy?
What date did April believe didn't exist?
What does Jessica Wicks call Ben while they work at the Sweetums Foundation?
Ben finds a woman in a certain accessory to be wildly attractive. What is it?
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