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Can you name the following about the President of the United States?

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Forced Order
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Role as head of the armed forces
Role as nation's main boss of Federal employees
Role as head of American foreign policy
Ceremonial head of the government
Formal statement of a political party's basic principles
Party member chosen to vote at the National Party Convention
If President becomes disabled, the V.P. becomes President according to what law
Presidential Salary
Formal Requirement for President
Informal Requirement for President
Maximum number of years a President can serve
The electoral system 'broke' in 1800 because
In the order of succession, the _________ follows the Vice President.
The Constitution assigns the V.P. with the duty to
The Framers set up the ____ _____ to elect the President
Separated the offices of the President and V.P. in the electoral college
Proposed plan that the people choose the President, not the electoral college
To choose a running mate for the President that is different than the presidential candidate
In the 2000 election, G.W. Bush received _____ electoral votes
The number of electoral votes needed to win the White House
POTUS stands for...
An elector that does not vote for who they are supposed to vote
Phenomena in which each President elected in a '0' year died in office from 1840-1960
Which President ended the answer from 23?
Who is only President to become a member of the Supreme Court?
One of the two Presidents that died on the 50th Anniversary of American Freedom
The other President that died on the 50th Anniversary of American Freedom
President that showed up the Constitutional Convention in full officer uniform
President that went against tradition when they ran for a 3rd and 4th term
President with a son that witnessed three presidential assassinations

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