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Forced Order
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Light passing through Condenser controlled with:
Another word for 10^(-6) meters
Used in an experiment; used to rule out FALSE POSITIVES
Name of our Compound Microscope (Proper Noun)
Plants and Animals are examples of _______ organisms
Used in an experiment; used to rule out FALSE NEGATIVES
How many objectives are on the revolving nosepiece?
Organs are made of up different ______
Living things are composed of units called _____ which contain DNA, organelles, etc.
DefinitionAnswerMore Info
Light source of Microscope
By adding Iodine Solution to our preparation, we can then view the ________ of the sample
Amount of light through Illuminator controlled by:
The objective ONLY used for Oil Immersion
A Protozoan is an example of a ______ organism
Lens System for converging light rays from illuminator
Systems are made up of ______ working together
Name of the Condenser lens ONLY used with 10x and above objectives:
If a specimen is 5 micrometers, what is the Total Magnification under the 10x objective (IN MICROMETERS)?

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