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How well do you know the movie The Rock?

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What famous prison is featured?
What major city is this near?
Who plays Stanley Goodspeed?
Who does Stanley Goodspeed work for?
What is Stanley Goodspeed's title or line of work?
Who plays Frank Hummel?
What branch of military is Frank Hummel in?
What is Frank Hummel's rank?
Who is Frank Hummel's good friend and 2nd in command?
What is the name of the poisonous gas Frank Hummel is threatening to use?
What color are the spheres that contain the poisonous gas?
Who plays John Mason?
What was John Mason's profession before he was incarcerated?
What type of vehicle is John Mason driving while being chased by authorities?
What type of vehicle is Stanley Goodspeed driving while chasing John Mason?
How old is White House Chief of Staff Hayden Sinclair?
What specialized team is sent to neutralize the threat?
Where does this team meet their demise?
Who is the leader of this team?
What type of building/structure does Stanley Goodspeed uncover the classified info John Mason was hiding?
What state was this building/structure in?
What nickname does Stanley Goodspeed give Captain Darrow before killing him?
What music genre does Stanley Goodspeed compare John Mason's hairstyle to?
John Mason's daughter was conceived when Mason met her mother in a bar after a concert by what rock band?
Stanley Goodspeed pays $600 for a vinyl album from what band?

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